Wringing Out the Old… and a Blueberry Smoothie

This weekend, I spent some time literally wringing out the old at a detoxifying yoga intensive.  I do practice regularly, but still consider myself a novice yogi.  I couldn’t help but notice ‘intensive’ sounds like ‘intense.’  So, needless to say, I was a bit freaked out.  About halfway through, I was legitimately concerned that my quads were going to spontaneously combust.  But sure enough, once class was done, I felt amazing!  And it seems that ‘wringing out the old’ has created some space for the new.  Yippee… perfect time for some goal setting!  (note: I am not a new year’s resolution type of gal.  A whole year, really?  It’s a lot to bite off… but I can do a season at a time.  Plus this approach builds in opportunity to reflect and revisit)

First of all… get outside and get active!  My best chance at surviving the snow is to enjoy it… so, snowboarding, snowshoeing and of course, sledding!  I also have a vision of myself on a winter hike.  And for my insides… I’d like to try a cleanse or detoxifying diet.  Experiment in the kitchen.  Create new recipes (good news for my readers).  Nurture my creativity and spirituality… yoga, meditation, painting.  I want to make pottery.  Or at least paint it.  And blogging.  Well, now it’s official… those are my Winter 2013 goals.

The yoga intensive left me craving something cool and refreshing.  I am psyched to share a delicious smoothie recipe with you!

Blueberry Bliss Smoothie

  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • large handful fresh spinach
  • 1 Tbs almond butter (or if you have a high-speed blender but are out of almond butter, a small handful of almonds works perfectly)
  • 1/2 cup water (or a bit more if you like it thinner)

Blend and enjoy… how easy is that?  This recipe is so sweet and tasty, Jonathan swears there is chocolate hiding in it!

Have a great week!

xox Kristen

12 thoughts on “Wringing Out the Old… and a Blueberry Smoothie

  1. Yum!

    Great to see the blog, and look forward to many a recipe to try here at home. I make a kale smoothie that even the kids love to drink! Patryk calls it “Hulk Juice.” I’ll have to try this recipe (but will likely sneak some chocolate Arbonne protein powder in there. Thanks for that tip ages ago, by the way…I found the brand I love to drink, and make Almond Joy gluten-free, vegan protein bars out of. YUM!)

  2. Love your blog Kristen. You are just so insiteful, and witty. The recipe sounds great, but just a bit too much sugar for me. But I will continue to look forward to your new recipes, and your witt!!! love, Tanya

  3. Great Blog Kristen! I have been doing yoga here and there this past year. As I cannot say I love it, I will say I NEED it. My trainer told me that flexibility is the “ugly sister” of exercise! And I am NOT flexible…but I do one small class a week so I can work on it and I have seen lots of improvement!
    And that smoothie recipe sounds delicious! I am going to try it!
    Thanks for brightening my day!

    • Back at ya’ Jeanee… thanks for making me smile! I’m loving yoga, but could use some help with enthusiasm for running… maybe we could pair up for a session! xox

  4. Congrats on your blog! Look forward to dinner and app recipes to come! How often are you going to post? xxoo

  5. Also, can I make requests? How about some good flu-fighter recipes? I am close to wearing a mask at the office. People are dropping like flies!! Yuck. xxoo

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