Hi friends.  It is official, I LOVE Vermont!!  I love the fresh mountain air, I love the hippie-alternative vibe, I love the focus on local sustainable food and the abundance of healthy options.  I must have said “I love Vermont” over 100 times this weekend.

On account of the zero-degree weather, Jonathan and I got a ‘late’ start Friday morning, heading to Sugarbush.  This means we left at 7am (one of our duo calls this a late start, the other was just glad she’d packed the night before).  Sugarbush. Is. Awesome.  The trails are nice and wide and not too steep… just right for me!  (They have lots of advanced terrain too)  We got to ride where they were making snow, which I absolutely loved.  The snow was super-fluffy and powdery.  I love Vermont!  (I also love that I spent most of the day riding down the mountain on my board, like a real snowboarder… meaning less time skidding down the mountain on my butt, or in a full-on helicopter-style roll)  Yay!  😉

sugarloaf view

After we were sufficiently tired and frozen, Jonathan and I drove up to Burlington for the night.  We had dinner at the Farmhouse Tap and Grill.  I was psyched to see two different veggie burger options on the menu… I decided on the portabella mushroom burger, which is made with white beans, walnuts and greens.  Still being on the cleanse, I ordered that without a bun… the waitress asked if I would instead like it served on a bed of garlicky sautéed kale… um, YES PLEASE!!  (I LOVE Vermont)  Jonathan ordered a burger with beef from a local farm… he said it was definitely the best burger he’s ever had!  I stole a few of his handcut fries and sampled the house-made stone ground mustard and habanero hot sauce… delish.

We were pretty wiped out and settled on a late movie… they have freshly brewed Green Mountain coffee at the theater… AND hot herbal tea!!  I love Vermont!  We saw the new Marky Mark movie, which was, of course, great!

For breakfast, we tried the Skinny Pancake… being early risers paid off and we beat a huge rush.  I always stalk a restaurant’s website and menu before going.  The Skinny Pancake’s mission is to change the world by building a safer, healthier and more delicious food shed while creating everyday enjoyment.  Yes please, count me in!  They offer traditional crepe fillings as well as tons of fun veggie options, and, get this, they have both vegan and gluten free crepe batter!  I love Vermont (and vegan GF crepes)

buckwheat crepeAfter fueling up, we went for a hike around Indian Brook reservoir.  Like NH, most of VT is snow-free right now, so our snowshoes sat this one out.  It was a beautiful hike.  The groundwater created a frozen waterfall effect… I’ve never seen anything like it.  I love Vermont.

icicle waterfall

indian brook reservoir

The reservoir itself was snow-covered, but you know I wouldn’t dare go out there 😉  I love how this picture came out, with the tree shadows.  I love Vermont!!

Lunch was at a great place called Zabby and Elf’s Stone Soup.  You can create your own plate from their hot and cold bars.  I did the only thing one can do when confronted with so many options… I tried nearly everything!

stone soup lunchLet’s see if I can remember it all… curried seitan with brown rice, baked eggplant and tomato, spicy cauliflower, BBQ tofu, steamed kale, beets, marinated mushrooms, olives, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, house-made hummus… and there’s a bed of greens hiding under there!  Whew!  A plate of heaven.  It’s not shocking that I would love a place like this… the real news-worthy bit is that Jonathan loved it too!!  Have I mentioned that I love Vermont?

After lunch Jonathan and I browsed town a bit and went to a community owned grocery store, City Market.  It was the coolest shop ever… if there was one nearby, I would be there constantly!  It was like a Whole Foods, but possibly even better, if you can imagine such a place.

city marketThere was a HUGE bulk food section, which is one of my favorite things.  And a make-your-own nut butter station!!!  Jonathan was literally jumping for joy.  Here’s Jonathan making almond butter (jumping not caught on camera)

city market almond butter

They had tons of fresh produce and local meats, cheeses and baked goods.  City Market even had local Kombucha on tap!!  I love Vermont!

hippie cooler

We picked up a few snacks for the trek back to reality.  We spent the ride home planning our next visit.  Oh, and speaking of the ride home… there is free fresh brewed Green Mountain coffee at the rest stops in VT and one even had comfy handmade wooden rocking chairs.  Wow, I lovermont!!

lake champlain

Early morning clouds over Lake Champlain, known by me some people as the sixth Great Lake!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

xox, Kristen

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