Surviving the blizzard

Hi friends.  It’s official… a weekend away is the BEST way to survive a snowstorm!!  Jonathan and I had already planned a weekend getaway, so we got on the road early on Friday and arrived at our destination before the storm really hit.  In fact, we arrived early enough to explore North Conway.

We had a late lunch at a great little spot called the Stairway Cafe.  I loved the eclectic vibe… they used dishclothes as napkins and served milk in a little glass bottle.  So cute!  And the fruit with house-made granola was refreshing and delicious!

stairway fruit and granolaLuckily we only saw ONE bear the whole weekend…

bear!… at Zeb’s Country Store in town.  They had the largest selection of local treasures.  I resisted the million-things-sugar but did pick up some lavender bath salts. (did I mention our room had an oversized soaking tub?)

We were back to the Inn, just as the snow really picked up.  We kept warm as best as we could…

woodstove feetsWe also camped out in front of the huge fireplace and played cribbage… three-zero (I’ll let you all guess who won)  😉


That night we enjoyed dinner in.  Dinner was superb and the snowy view from the tavern window was beautiful.  (we were glad to be staying toasty inside)

snow out the window

On Saturday, we adventured out on our snow shoes!!  The snow was light and fluffy.  We opted for the path less traveled 😉

fresh snowy woods

We were the first to lay tracks!!  The woods were gorgeous and we both got a killer workout.  Turns out knee-deep powder = intense shoeing!!

snowshoe headshotThere we are!  We also took a ride to Cathedral Ledge… breathtaking!  But we’ll have to wait for the snow to melt to hike that one!  We did make it pretty far ‘offroading’ in the Subaru 😉

cathedral ledge winterAfter our adventure, we decided some sweets were in order.  I had the MOST delicious Mexican hot chocolate with at McKaella’s Sweet Shop.  No surprise, Jonathan had peanut butter hot chocolate.  And we further indulged with cookies…. and a cupcake.

sweets!!That night we had dinner at a really great restaurant called Thompson House Eatery in Jackson, NH.  We started with a creative appetizer called Zorba the Grape!  It was like a Greek antipasta and included ALL of my favorites: local herbed goat cheese wrapped in a grape leaf, roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, roasted onions, a mint and olive tapenade (sounds weird, but was awesome), marinated greek beans, grapes and toasted bread.  Like I said… everything delicious on one plate!

zorba the grape!!

From there, I had their Fungus Among Us… mushroom ravioli with spinach and roasted tomatoes, and Jonathan had a 14oz sirloin with squash and broccolini.  We both loved our meals!

Our last morning at the Darby Field Inn, the storm had fully blown out and we were able to appreciate the mountain view over breakfast.

darby field inn mt view

A great weekend!!  We returned home to two feet of snow. (sadly, it did not melt while we were off having fun)  It was overwhelming, but Jonathan powered through it with the new snow blower.  In fact, he blew the whole driveway and a path out to the garage… then he got part of the road and did a walkway out back.  He loves his new toy!  😉  And I shoveled the walkway.  And made lunch.  After our weekend of indulgent eating, we were both dying for a nice big plate of green!  And there were some sad looking fruits and veggies in the fridge to use:


Voila, greens with mango, apple, cranberries, figs, pecans, celery and fresh raspberry vinagrette.  Now we are off to enjoy the last of the sunshine and get ready for the week.  I will be attempting a new dinner, so just may be back with a recipe if things go well.

xox!  Kristen

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